Flavor Notes of Freedom


by: Thomas Gullberg


A word which can be inspiring for some and daunting for others. Everyone wants to make an impact on this world. The next big thing that we believe will bring impact upon our lives and those surrounding us is always out there. Whether it’s new relationships made, a first job landed or a college degree fulfilled, these important achievements bring our lives substance. However, this seems to be a skewed view in how impact is determined in our lives. If impact were only the things that were shareable Facebook events, we would see our lives like a resume rather than the ordinary every day. Impact can be the littlest of things: giving someone a smile, buying someone lunch, or encouraging a friend. In this case, it’s your morning cup of coffee.


An everyday occurrence that is a treat for some and necessary for others. A Just Brew acts as an avenue for change through this daily ritual. It brings forth a mission of ending modern slavery, which is a tall task for anybody. A Just Brew gives an opportunity to help end it through a simple decision to donate. People around the world are saved from slavery through a donation for coffee that acts as a transaction of freedom. That small decision creates a huge impact as one person is brought into light with the everyday decision of buying a cup of coffee. The bitterness behind the bondage is diminished as the sweet aroma of justice pours over this world. One person alone cannot change the whole world, but you can change the world of one person.


Donating a couple dollars towards a cup of craft coffee goes a long way. Each semester, those couple dollars translate to thousands and A Just Brew sends this generous donation from our customers to International Justice Mission, the largest international anti-slavery organization in the world. International Justice Mission puts your generosity into action with the rescue and restoration of people in slavery. Your choice to donate is your voice for justice. Together, let us shine a light on slavery and create lasting impact in seeing lives transformed through the power of freedom.